Screaming Fans

I love screaming fans!

2017 has been a year of interesting experiences. I’ve always made music and the fans in 2017 made me feel great. There are a number of reactions that I get after writing Take The Trump Train. While, I’m a little reclusive, when I make appearances in public there are a few responses I get commonly. The first response from fans is usually acknowledgment. The most common reaction usually starts with; “Are you CTSUTTER?” And, obviously I say yes. When I’m able I do try to capture the moment for my social media. The second most common reaction is the neighborhood kids (Group 1 + Group 2) that did the Trump Train Dance.  That’s usually the response from males. Another response that I’ve experienced a few times is getting screamed at literally. The “screamer response” is my favorite because I’m single and it’s usually a girl screaming. When this first started happening I didn’t really know what to make of it all together. But, realized that it’s due to celebrity status. There are people that love me out there and all have a different way of expressing themselves. For that reason, in 2018, I’m making an acoustic album to include songs like Screamer, The Last Man, and a few more songs. I’ve created a rap album that delivers positive messages to the listeners. The rap album was created with a sense of positivity in mind. I’m sure it will be earning respect from other rappers in the music industry for years to come. The best thing about 2017 was fan responses. If I can get the screaming girls to ask for my autograph in the future that would be nice! The hardest thing about 2017 was losing the channel (Election Day 2016, day before election) where I was making fans daily in live broadcast. I’m ok with the loss of the channel and have no problem bringing my audience to dance me off on New Years Eve going into New Years Day on YouNow! YouNow is where my live broadcasting began and it’s nice to have a place where fans can join the broadcast. Therefore, if you’re a little shy in public after screaming in delight of my presence. You can join me in live broadcast on YouNow for as long as the good thing is still going.

Thanks again for all the love! Have an amazing year in 2018!