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What’s in a name?

There are so many things to think about today. Crypto currency is trending upward. And, it’s rumored that the Royal Family of the British Monarchy is configuring a last name to apply once Prince Harry marries Megan Merkel. This website has been empowered with a new Plugin offered by WordPress where users exchange their computer processing speed to assist sustaining these websites. How does it work? When you click the login button, a verification process will begin, that process is hashes being mined that earn Monero or the crytpo currency coin XMR. If you login to the website there’s no way to bypass this process. You don’t have to login to read the posts. It’s appreciated to have a subscribing following. This website once held 20,000 registered users! I’m determined to exceed that number in the future! Speaking of numbers growing exceedingly larger the crypto currency marketplace is trending upward today. Read more on

Monero XMR Mining Trending On Trending Team As Cryto Currency Soars

Don’t patronize me! I love fashion and art!

Well, maybe Megan Merkel didn’t know that a woman should be wearing pantyhose when seen with the Royal Family of the British Monarchy. If that’s fake news. Than, it really should be disavowed. However, it’s likely real news. Covering the legs with pantyhose, stockings, nylons, thigh highs, frilly lace lined socks, and event patterned tights are all forms of modesty. The Royal families of Earth are usually closely related to holiness, highness, majesty. King St. Louis was a Saint. The Holy Roman Empire. It all makes sense. Personally, I enjoy the visual esthetic. I also have a plan to make viral content with pantyhose as the canvas and modern artwork product. Read more on! Installs WP Plugin That Generates XMR Crypto Currency And Thanks Following For Over 1,000 Registered Users

What’s up with the new album?

Daddy Kid Powers of Ten Album is released! In essence Spotify spins are like crypto mining. Every spin attributes to potential earnings. The album is off to a good start! With inspirations of EDM and Rap. The album is edgy as it is direct. With the exception of the song Thirsty. The entire album defines a positive reinforcement embedded into lyrical freudian slips. The song Thirsty was written from a perspective that’s momentary. Whereas, when you’re Thirsty, do as the thirsty do and a tall glass of water. I have to give respect to a loss in the music production community in Avicii. The Swedish music producer passed away and was an influence to my music. Artists like Daft Punk expanded the scope of musical nuances in production for me as well. My condolences to the family of Avicii and his girlfriend. I hope Avicii’s dog finds a home with someone that’s a skilled dog trainer. You can tell that Avicii was dedicated to his dog in their videos together. All dogs go to heaven and one day Avicii’s dog may meet him at the pearly gates. Read on and subscribe to get the emailer for future post honoring those in music we’ve lost thus far in 2018.

Disc Jockey’s Free Music To Win And Spin

Thirsty Lyrics



You’ll notice my websites have all changed! It’s still me constructing the websites. However, a lapse in affordability shut down the server. The reconstruction has begun! The fastest growing subscription count is on POPSONGSHARE.COM! The domain is lit! Thanks for reading about my crypto currency mining implementation into the websites! I’m doing my best to reconstruct the sites as fast as possible.

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