Take The Trump Train by CTSUTTER on DLive

The fans need to be entertained.

The people need to eat. It’s great to know that people have the ability to eat. I’ve enjoyed Goldberg’s bagels, and never suspected he was a fan. The celebrity life is one of infamous change nuances in our environment. Leading me to eat better I suppose!

I played Take The Trump Train live on DLive last night!



“If the kids aren’t happy. The moms and dads aren’t happy.”

The Trump Train Remix is the favorite among the generation that cannot yet cast a vote in America. It may not be the same in all neighborhoods. I’m happy to have a strong and supportive grass roots fan base in town.

In 2020 all these gentlemen will be of voting age!

Who knows what will happen in the world of elections. My prowess has become one of expanding my archive of music available on iTunes, Spotify, and other popular online music stores. Every download helps! I’ve also created a new album inspired by EDM, Rap, Hip Hop, and other influences in the Daddy Kid Power’s of Ten Album! The most spun songs on Spotify are Want To Smash, Daddies Kids, Thirsty, Love Quotes, and Love is Ours. I’m thankful for every spin on Spotify!

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