Loyal Fans Love

Thank you for being loyal Sutter fans!

I wanted to write this post to thank my loyal fans. This website has been built and rebuilt a number of times. I’m finished with an album that I felt I needed to produce before creating my first full length acoustic album for release on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, etc. It’ the loyal fans that stay with you for the duration of the journey. My grandmother told me to create a journal. Today, we have the power of blogging. There’s a lot to catch up on since my Twitter suspension. Numerous attempts to regain access to the Twitter website have failed. I continue trying. I’ve noticed a number of lawsuits that have been able to unlock frozen Twitter accounts. However, I don’t have the funds for the Sutter Castle case. 15,000 CHF isn’t something that’s easy to get a hold of right now. I’m going to push my new music this summer harder than ever! I’m going to take people into the recording studio with me and vLog. If you would like to get in the tour bus with me it’s something that might happen one day! I’m a cool person and approachable. Is it likely that I’ll be on tour this summer? ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Follow the story and get the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, and Amazon.

“I have a lot of luck to be able to produce music! You have to work to get and stay famous. Anyone can rise, and anyone can fall. It’s loyal fans that I’m thankful for!”