VSCO Girl Anthem

If you’re not already familiar with the trend. VSCO is an application. But, it’s taken on a new meaning. Adding the word girl after VSCO provides a term. VSCO GIRL means basic. The social media world has archived types of social media users. There are e’s or eGirl’s. The eGirl isn’t basic. The eGirl competes for statistics, and is likely attempting to trend with luxury content. The VSCO girl or guy is a person that’s very basic.

Basic social media is an indicator. However, there are some active VSCO girls and guys. Those that are active on social media have taken the term to another level. The term VSCO girl also incorporates fashion trends. Remember crocs? They are still fashionable and many VSCO girls have them on their Tiktok.

The TikTok application is flooded with VSCO girls. Seashell necklaces are a giveaway. But, the necklace doesn’t have to be beaded. White vans, lip balm, and sandals. All indicators that you’re looking at a VSCO girl profile. The most stand out visual apperance may be the hoodie. In the lyrics to the song VSCO GIRL by Daddy Kid “hoodie shorts check” comes from the VSCO hoodie style. VSCO girls aren’t playing around and want social media attention. The girls have created a trend with hoodies and short shorts. The hooded sweatshirt hides their shorts. It appears as if the girls aren’t wearing anything at all below the waist. When watch the videos where this clickbait is being used there is usually a flash of shorts. The line “shorts check” references the hoodie with really short shorts.

Take a look at this video below and you’ll know what a VSCO girl is after one listen! Leave the video a like, comment, and feel free to ask questions!

Find the TikTok “VSCO Girl” Verse 1 audio wheel in this TikTok video!

Find the TikTok “VSCO Girl” Verse 2 audio wheel in this TikTok video!

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